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Registration Questions

Questions & Answers

How do I prove residency?

In order to register for a program at a resident rate you must provide proof of residency. The Park District accepts a driver’s license or state ID.

If you do not have either, a copy of your lease or mortgage statement as well as one of the following must be provided: telephone bill (cell phone bills will not be accepted), voters registration card, vehicle registration card, utility bill (electric, gas, or water), or Village of Oak Park vehicle sticker receipt.

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What hours is the Park District registration desk open?

Registration for Park District programs and passes is available 24 hours 7 days a week through our online registration systemHours for in person registration or information via phone are available here.

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How do I cancel or transfer to another program?

Program cancellations and transfers can only be processed by Park District Staff. You can submit an online request, or see our registration page for contact information and office hours.

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Is there a program lottery?

All programs can be registered for on a first come first serve basis. There will be a priority period for Oak Park Residents followed by Non-Residents. Please refer to your seasonal program guide for starting registration date specifics.

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Hi, I'm trying to figure out when registration begins for the next season. I'm new to the area and I missed the registration.

The program guides are delivered to Oak Park residences starting Saturday through Monday of the release date to all Oak Park residences. An online version of the brochure will also be posted on our website. Most program registration will begin on Saturday one week after the book is released to Oak Park residents on a first come first serve basis. (Unless otherwise noted in the brochure)

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Are the fees listed in the Program Guide per session or does that fee cover all sessions for that particular class?

The fee listed applies per session (per activity code). Please see the examples below:

Hot Wheels Challenge  (Ages 4-7)
Start your engines and get ready to race! Various race tracks will be set up for all little speedsters to test their cars! In addition, a mini course with remote controlled cars will also be set up. Each particpant will receive one free hot wheels car and a pizza lunch.
Location:  Fox Center
10am-Noon                  $18/$27
F, Dec 27                     #461216-01
F, Jan 3                        #461216-02
One Day Program        Min 6/Max 18

The fee for attending the class above on F, Dec 27 is $18 for residents, and $27 for non-residents. The fee for attending on F, Jan 3 is also $18 for residents, $27 for non-residents. There is a separate fee for each activity code associated with the program.

Here is another example, as presented in a table format in the Program Guide:

Class       Day/Time               Dates                    Instructor  Code                 Fee

ZUMBA    W, 7:30-8:25pm    Jan 8 - Feb 12    Tischina    #125220-01    $48/$72
ZUMBA    W, 7:30-8:25pm    Feb 26 - Apr 2    Tischina    #125220-04    $48/$72

The fee for attending Jan 8 - Feb 12 is $48 for residents, $72 for non-residents. The fee for attending Feb 26 - Apr 2 is also $48 for residents, $72 for non-residents.

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How do I apply the 10% Active Adult Membership to the qualifying classes I just signed up and paid for? It is not obvious in the electronic shopping card function online.

Prices listed for discount eligible programs will display the full price online. Once the activity is added to your cart, any discounts will be applied and the price displayed will be the discounted one. We are researching a way to display the discount where it is broken out for better clarity.

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When does the next program guide get delivered and registration begin?

The program guide comes out based on the following schedule:

  • Spring - last weekend in February
  • Summer - first weekend in May
  • Fall - last weekend in July
  • Winter - first weekend in December
  • Camp Brochure - mid-January (The camp brochure is not mailed. It is available online and for pick-up at Customer Service.)

Registration begins that following Saturday* for Residents (unless otherwise noted). Non-resident registration typically begins one week* following the beginning of the resident registration.

*unless otherwise noted (i.e. Gymnastics and Skate School often will have an adjusted registration timeline due to the progressive nature of the classes)

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Do you guys do waitlists for the Summer Gymnastics Classes?

We do allow a short waitlist for the Summer Sessions. Please call 708-725-2200 to be added to a Summer Session that is full.

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I am a resident and have family living with me for the Summer. Will they qualify for the resident rate?

Only Oak Park residents with their primary residence in Oak Park are eligible for the resident rate when registering for programs. Visiting family and friends would not be eligible for the resident rates unless proof of oak park residency or dependancy can be provided.

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Can I make changes to my child's emergency form after I have completed and submitted it online? Specifically, can I still upload documents? Change emergency contacts?

Unfortunately there is not a seamless way a parent can go in and edit an already completed emergency form that we require for camps/playschool/preschool/pre-k/clubhouse programs by themselves.

However, please email your request to referencing your child and the particular program and you will be sent an individualized edit link where you can update the form and resubmit. Please Note: the email address within the request must match the email address within the participants household.

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Hello, my child has a September birthday. Does that mean I can only register her for 2yo activities? Or if the start date is after her birthday, can I register her for 3yo activities? Thank you.

Most programs have age requirements based on the first meeting date of the class. Therefore if the program is for a 3 year old, then the child must be 3 by the time the class meets for the first time.  In some instances and in larger programs such as gymnastics and Summer Camps, they may be a little different for consistency or based on school grade level to group kids together. You can click on the info icon after doing an online activity search within our registration website for specific information on a particular program.

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How do I add a new family member to our account?

If you have a new child/family member and need to add them to your pre-existing registration account, please call customer service to assist you. (708-725-2000)

Please note: Family members who do not permanently reside with you or who are visiting from out of town should have their own separate household create with their permanent address.

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