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Sustainability at the Oak Park Conservatory


Thanks to Our Residents, We Met Our $100,000 Goal

Thank you to the 1000+ Oak Park residents who made pledges in fall 2018 identifying actions you and your family will take to make our community more sustainable such as converting lawns to gardens, planting pollinators, hosting a green block party and more. With each pledge Green Mountain Energy Sun Club donated $100 to the Park District to complete sustainability projects at the Oak Park Conservatory.

The following sustainability projects are funded through Green Mountain Energy Sun Club

24.5kW Solar Field: Installed on the roof of the Conservatory, this renewable energy system provides $3500 in annual energy savings while requiring little maintenance. The system offsets 36,500 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere per year which is the equivalent of 190 full-sized trees. An alternative to fossil fuels, solar energy helps in reducing our environmental impact while contributing to energy independence.

5 Cisterns: Installed near the Desert Display House, these cisterns can repurpose up to 4500 gallons of rain water collected from the greenhouse roofs to water plants grown in the Conservatory and planted throughout our parks system. Cisterns not only help us save our natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint but healthier plants are grown with the use of rain water. 

Compost Tea: A Compost Tea System provides better plant nutrition. Feeding a plant with a natural fertilizer in place of synthetic fertilizers helps to fortify a plant’s immune system to fight diseases and pests. It also reduces costs and saves water by decreasing the amount of water required for plant care.  

Working Beehives: Coming in spring 2019 are three honeybee hives that will make up one colony of bees all working together to make honey combs. Bees perform a task that is vital to the survival of agriculture: pollination. One third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees. The goal of these observable beehives is to educate the public and build awareness about the importance of these pollinators.

Many thanks to Green Mountain Energy Sun Club, the Oak Park Conservatory’s Sustainability Partner.

About Sun Club
The Green Mountain Energy Sun Club is a nonprofit organization advancing sustainability for people and our planet by investing in communities in Texas and the Northeast. Since the program’s founding in 2002, the Sun Club has donated more than $6.5 million to nearly 100 nonprofit organizations. As a 501 (c)(3) organization, the Sun Club focuses on projects related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and resource conservation. Contributions to the Sun Club come from Green Mountain Energy’s residential customers in Texas, as well as from Green Mountain, its employees, and other Sun Club supporters. To learn more about the Sun Club, please visit

Although the Park District has reached our $100,000 pledge goal, we still encourage you to take a sustainability pledge here. 


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