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Spot The Soofa Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate the installation of our new Soofa solar-powered charging stations in our parks, the Park District of Oak Park hosted a #SpotTheSoofa smartphone scavenger hunt!  Thanks for participating!


What's a Soofa? Learn more here!








#SpotTheSoofa Scavenger Hunt Leader Board

These results are updated every 15 minutes so check back again soon to see the latest scores!

#SpotTheSoofa Scavenger Hunt Details


A $100 Park District of Oak Park gift card will be awarded to the person/family that finds the most QR codes overall. Of the remaining valid entries submitted, a drawing will be held and two entries will be selected to win either a $100 Park District of Oak Park Gift Card or a $50 Park District of Oak Park Gift Card. 

What's Required to Play?

This is a free event that only requires a mobile device with an internet connection and QR code scanner. If you don't currently have a QR code scanner installed on your device, check your app store for plenty of options available for download. After that, you're ready to go!

When you find a mini-Soofa, just scan the QR code and you'll have the opportunity to submit your contact information which will serve as an official entry into the drawing for a prize.


  1. The #SpotTheSoofa Scavenger Hunt runs from Friday, August 12 at 10am - Monday, August 22 at 10pm.
  2. Because the entry form for the drawing requires entering your email address and contact information, we encourage any players under the age of 13 to grab an older family member or friend to join them on their quest. Besides, it's way more fun with more people!
  3. One entry per QR code per household. Any duplicate or incomplete entries will be deleted.
  4. Be smart, be safe, and all follow park rules and laws. We promise that all of the hidden mini-Soofas are in plain sight in public locations. No digging, climbing trees, climbing over construction fences, or sneaking into employee-only locations is required to find any of the 40 QR codes.
  5. Play fair. When you find a code, scan it, and then leave it for others to find as well.
  6. In case of a tie concerning the person/family that finds the most QR codes, the tie breaker will go to the person/family who found the most codes quickest (based on the date & time that the last QR Code was scanned by each participant).
  7. All decisions by the judges are final.
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