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Permit Status

Please browse through the links below to check the calendar for current field, tennis court and picnic area permit reservations. If you have questions about a scheduled permit please call customer service at 708-725-2000.

See more info about securing a permit with the Park District of Oak Park.


Andersen Park (Soccer)
Barrie Park (Soccer, Baseball)
Beye School (Athletic Field)
Brooks School (Athletic Field)
Carrol Park (Baseball, Soccer)
Euclid Square (Baseball, Soccer)
Field Park (Baseball, Soccer)
Fox Park (Baseball, Soccer)
Hatch School (Baseball, Soccer)
Holmes School (Athletic Field)
Irving School (Athletic Field)
Julian Middle School ( Athletic Field)
Lincoln School (Athletic Field)
Lindberg Park (Baseball, Soccer)
Longfellow Park (Baseball, Soccer)
Longfellow School (Athletic Field)
Maple Park (Soccer, Baseball)
Rehm Park (Soccer)
RCRC (Baseball, Soccer)
Taylor Park (Soccer)
Whittier School (Baseball, Soccer)


Euclid Square Tennis
Lindberg Park Tennis
Longfellow Park Tennis
Maple Park Tennis                                                                                                                             Scoville Park Tennis                                                                                                                                Taylor Park Tennis


Field Gazebo
Lindberg Park Gazebo
Maple Park Gazebo
Taylor Park Patio and Pavillion


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