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Special Needs Requests

Special Assistance with Programs

The Park District works closely with our partner, West Suburban Special Recreation Association, who provides recreation programs for adults and children with physical impairments, mental disabilities, or any other type of disability. Through this partnership, residents of all ages with disabilities can participate in year-round programming specifically designed to meet their individual needs or are able to participate in Park District programs with inclusion support.

If you would like to request an aid for participation in a Park District of Oak program (at no cost to the participant), or are unsure if you may require one, please request this information a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start of the program.  You may indicate this request on your registration form or verbally if registering in person at one of our registration facilities. If completing your registration online, you will want to make sure you are answering "Yes" when asked "Will your child require assistance from the West Suburban Special Recreation Association?" on the registration question form.

Accommodations at Public Meetings

The Park District of Oak Park welcomes the opportunity to assist residents and visitors with disabilities who would like to attend a Park District of Oak Park public meeting.  If you require assistance, e-mail Karen Gruzka, Executive Assistant, or call her at (708) 725-2017.

Other Accessibility Information and Requests

For any other assistance and information on accessibility at the Park District of Oak Park, e-mail Chris Lindgren, ADA Coordinator, or call him at (708) 725-2053.  

If you feel that you have been unable to access a Park District facility, program, or service because of a lack of accessibility or have been discriminated against because of a disability and would like to file a complaint, please review our Instructions for Filing an ADA Complaint for information on completing an ADA Complaint Form and the process that will be taken when the Park District receives a complaint.

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