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West Suburban Special Recreation Association

WSSRA_20Bobcats-7801As an extension of the Park District of Oak Park, WSSRA offers Oak Park residents therapeutic recreation programs, serving persons with disabilities  of all ages and ability levels.  WSSRA offers a variety of seasonal recreational programs, including:

The West Suburban Special Recreation Association is formed by 9 park districts, including the Park District of Oak Park, and 2 villages who work together to serve the recreation needs of their residents who have disabilities. Through WSSRA, Oak Park residents of all ages can participate in year-round programming specifically designed to meet their individual needs. Residents also have a choice to participate in Park District of Oak Park programs through the WSSRA inclusion program. For more information in the inclusion program, please contact the WSSRA Inclusion Coordinator, at 847.455.2100.

WSSRA offers programs for persons with a wide range of disabilities and handicapping conditions. This includes individuals who have:

• Attention Deficit Disorder wssra
• Hearing Impairments
• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Learning Disabilities
• Autism
• Mental Impairments
• Behavior Difficulties
• Mental Illness
• Developmental Delays
• Multiple Impairments
• Down Syndrome
• Physical Impairments
• Epilepsy
• Visual Impairments

WSSRA programs reflect the mood and the activities of the changing seasons. Age-appropriate recreation opportunities are designed to meet the individual needs of each participant. Over 65 weekly programs and special events are offered each season. The variety of programs include:

• Movie Nights wssra2
• Arts& Crafts
• Athletics
• Dance
• Games
• Social Clubs
• Toy Lending (Lekotek)
• Swim Lessons
• Fitness
• Bowling
• Day Camps/Away Camps
• Music
• Special Olympics

For more information, please contact WSSRA at 847.455.2100 or visit

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