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Starfish Aquatics Institute Swim Lessons

Starfish Aquatics Institute Swim Lessons

StarTots - Ages 6-36 months

Swimmmers must be accompanied by a parent or care giver.  We will concentrate on comfort in the water for the swimmers and water safety for the parent or care giver.

Swim School - Ages 3+

Swim School focuses on swimming basics, including floating and movement.  There are 5 levels in swim school: white, red, yellow, green, & blue. Swimmers will advance when both the water safety and swim skill benchmarks have been met.  Swimmers will change levels within the session without changing registration.  Parents need only to choose a day and/or time that is convenient.  Swimmers will be tested on the first day of the class.

Stroke School - Ages 6+

Like Swim School, Stroke School has multiple levels: white, red, yellow, and blue.  Each level concentrates on a different stroke and introduces the next stroke.  Swimmers must complete water safety and swim skill benchmarks to advance.

Swim classes are held at the RCRCRehm Pool, and Oak Park River Forest High School (location varies based on season).

If you child has taken lessons through a different program, please contact the Program & Operations Supervisor - Aquatics, Stacey McNamara, for best placement prior to registering.

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