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Unplug Illinois



Join the Park District of Oak Park and the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association for Illinois Unplugged! Time to disconnect from devices and reconnect with each other! 

On Saturday July 10, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m., go on an adventure in our parks and play Scrabble in the Parks! We are placing containers of Scrabble tiles in just a handful of parks and, of course, you have to guess which parks and location within the park the tiles are located!  

Once you locate the park and container of tiles, your goal is to create five (5) words out of the tiles trying to get the largest number of points for all five (5) words. You can go to all the parks listed or just one, but for those Wordsmiths out there, more parks mean more opportunities for bigger scores! 

Submit your best set of five words!  Submit only one (1) set of five (5) please. Send us your photo of the park and your words to #pdopscrabbleinthepark. Top 5 winners will be announced via social media on Monday, July 12 and can come to 218 Madison Street between 12 and 5 p.m. to pick up fun PDOP swag!

Once you finish cobbling together your best words, head over to Courageous Bakery at 736 Lake Street, show your photo and receive a special Unplugged treat while supplies last!

Download a PDF of the clues here! 

Clues for locations of Scrabble tiles 

Get set to go out,

Run, scream and shout!

Here are the clues to our parks

Where Scrabble pieces are lying about!

Create your top scoring 5

Snap a photo of the park and the words you have contrived.

Send in to #pdopscrabbleinthepark

Hit one park

Or if you care to embark,

Guess them all and enhance your 5 best

   And put your Wordsmith to the test!

PDOP_Scrabble_(8)   PDOP_Scrabble_(9)

PDOP_Scrabble_(10)   PDOP_Scrabble_(11)


Congratulations on getting out to play! Now head to Courageous Bakery while supplies last.

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