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Spring Dance Performance Information


Hello Dancers and Parents,

The teaching team hopes that you and your dancer are enthusiastically awaiting our upcoming show. We are thrilled to Dream Big!  I am excited for you, your family, and your friends to see the production. From the dancers, to the teaching staff, to the volunteers, everyone will work together to build a great production!  
Dream Big - Annual Spring Dance Performance
Saturday, May 2nd: 
11am Tiny Dancer Showcase and 1:30pm Youth Recreational Dancer Showcase. 
*2 COMPLIMENTARY Tickets per dancer included with your costume. Purchase tickets at the time of Registration or Additional Tickets $5 may be purchased at the GRC, 21 Lake St. starting
April 18th @ 8:30am through May 2 @ 1:30pm. 
* Thank you to all of the volunteers that have offered their time to date. Please consider helping out and getting a true front row seat to the performance from the “backstage wings” as a Room Chaperone, 2 per class needed.
Dancers Call Time (arrival time) / House is open to the public to take their seats 
May 2, 2020 Dream Big - Annual Spring Dance Performance
* 10:30am Tiny Dancer Showcase 
* 1:00pm Youth Recreational Dancer Showcase
* Dancers will arrive in full costume, shoes, hair and makeup. You will drop off in the gym at their assigned section of the bleachers with the Class Chaperone.
* We will have an “Emergency Table” to help with unexpected situations in regards to costume and hair. 
* Families will be invited to take their seats in the auditorium. The “House” will be open at 10:30am & 1:00PM for guests to take their seats. There is no reserved seating, seats will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.
* If you need to leave your seat, please wait until between pieces to stand and move. If you are with small children, please sit at the end of a row. 
* After the performance you will return to the gym to pick up your dancer and check out with the Class Chaperone. You will then have the opportunity to take pictures and congratulate your dancer.
* Please label all costumes, costume parts, zip loc bags, and water bottles (if needed). There are no extras to replace lost items. 
* Please send an extra pair of tights with your dancer and be sure to look at your checklist provided with your costume. 
* Costumes and new tights should only be worn for Dress Rehearsals, Pictures, and the Performance.
* Please, no undergarment lines under the costume. Dancers wear tights because they serve as undergarments. Boys will need undergarments, since in this performance, they are not wearing tights. 
* Please, no jewelry or fingernail polish.
Hair and Make up * Dancers hair will be in a high bun with the hair combed and pulled back from the face so that the audience can see the face and neck. Headpieces will be worn to the right of the bun. 
* Dancers makeup will look fresh and natural. Base, powder or bronzer will help with the glare of the lights. A light eyeshadow to bring out the eyes, a blush for the apples of the checks, a filled in eyebrow to frame the face, a blush lip, mascara for those that will not rub or scrub at their eyes. Many children don’t like mascara, but you can try before the big day to see if you like it. 
Show Parking
We expect a large turnout to support our dancers. Please note that there is limited parking available at Fenwick High School so we highly encourage you to walk, carpool, or drop your children off first and meet your party in the auditorium. The lack of parking for this event near the venue is a firm reality for our community. We want you to be prepared and choose alternatives to avoid frustration and traffic so that you can enjoy the beautiful spring day. 
There are two lots used for parking at Fenwick High School. The first is on campus, the second is located at Madison Street and Oak Park Ave, a few blocks west of campus. Parking can be difficult around Fenwick High School. There is an additional parking lot located off East Blvd. between Madison and Washington. Parking is available on many of the surrounding streets, but it is strictly regulated. Please be sure to check the signs for parking availability


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