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Jeff Ellis Swimming Program

Swim Academy

 Our methodology focuses on teaching you the basics - all the basics - from the get-go, and making endurance and technique the focus of more advanced levels. It's not about MOVING UP, it's about SWIMMING. Within each level, classes will be broken into skill groups to provide individualized attention. While your child may remain in a level longer than you expect, when they complete that level you WILL be impressed with their skills.

In order for participants to be safe and learn properly, it is critical to enroll in the level matching current skills. JES levels have particular skill sets and differ from the previous PDOP program. Each level builds on the previous and it may take more than one session and outside practice to move on.

Swim Academy classes are held at the RCRCRehm Pool, and Oak Park River Forest High School (location varies based on season).

Where to Start Swimming?

Ages 1-2 - Parent Tot

Ages 2-3 Parent & Preschool

Ages 3-5.5 JES Preschool

Ages 6-13 JES Beginner

If you child has taken lessons through a different program, please contact the Aquatic and Rink Manager, Kayla Fauria, for best placement prior to registering.

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