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Hockey Programs

1000 Pucks Challenge!!!

ThePark District of Oak Park invites you to take part in a new and exciting challenge to help develop your game at home!  By taking the challenge you will keep your hockey skills sharp during this time away from the rink and also get a chance to win awesome prizes!

Prizes include: Rink/Pool Pass, a Week of Hockey Summer Camp, and much more!

Shot totals for each week are due by 5:00pm on 3/28, 4/4, 4/11, 4/18.








The Park District of Oak Park is putting the fun back in hockey with a focus on game play! We have aligned our program with Learn to Skate USA and USA Hockey, the industry leaders. Our class offerings will now focus on three important areas: skating, stick handling skills and FUN! The result will be stronger skaters with the skills and training they need to reach their goal of playing for the Ice Bears in the Northwest Hockey League. And we hope that along the way they will make friends and teammates and develop a love for the sport.

We believe that the best way to become a strong hockey player is to build a strong skating foundation. 

While we teach our cubs their foundation, we will focus on fun, and, of course, give them time to do what they came for by adding game time to every lesson. Instructors will still teach techniques and skills for the first 20 minutes of class, and then they will drop the puck and let the players put their new skills into practice. Adding game time will develop endurance, as well as teach players teamwork and reinforce our belief of fun + fundamentals.

Beginning players will learn to play with other kids their own age. The new levels will first focus on building that skating foundation. Once players pass Mini Cub 2 or Mighty Cub 2, they should add Skills and Drills and Ice Bear Prep League to their repertoire. Skills and Drills will teach additional stick handling and skating skills, while the Ice Bears Prep League will teach players rules and etiquette of hockey, as well as how to transition on and off of the ice. Power skating will then help players with speed and agility, as well as how to create power in a game. While players are encouraged to take Skills and Drills, Mighty Cub and IBPL at the same time, if time does not allow, they can alternate sessions as the work toward the requirements to play Ice bears.

Winter Hockey Registration Schedule
Resident Enrolled in Fall II Classes Residents Not Enrolled in Fall II Classes Non-Resident Enrolled in Fall II Classes Non-Resident Not Enrolled in Fall II Classes
Registration opens Friday, December 13 at 8:30am Registration opens Saturday, December 14 at 8:30am Registration opens Sunday, December 15 at 8:30am Registration opens Monday, December 16 at 8:30am

Please see hockey conversion chart for aid in Winter 2020 registration.





Class Descriptions

Parent and Cub

Falling, standing, basic skills to go forwards and backwards.


Mini Cub/Mighty Cub 1

Falling, standing, hockey stance, marching, two foot glides and dips, forward swizzles, double c-cuts, t-push to a two-foot glide, snowplow stop, basic stick and puck skills.


Mini Cub/Mighty Cub 2

Forward strides, one-foot push and glides, forward c-cuts single leg and alternating, backward march and glide, backward swizzles/double cuts, backward c-cuts, two foot moving snowplow stops, advanced puck carrying and shooting


Mighty Cub 3

Lateral crossover march, forward c-cuts on circle, forward inside and outside edges on half circle, backward c-cuts, backward snowplow stops, ¼ turn with hockey stop, advanced shooting


Mighty Cub 4

Forward v-start, backward one-foot glides, forward and backward crossover glides and on circle, hockey stops, advanced shooting and puck carrying.


Ice Bear Prep League

Players learn to apply hockey skills through league play to begin preparing them for Ice Bears games. Players should also sign up for skills and drills and their respective mighty cub level.


Skills and Drills

Focus on hockey specific skills in small class size through fun and interactive drills. Players should also sign up for IBPL to gain practical experience in a fun, game-based setting.


Power Skating

Powerful backward c-cut, forward and backward alternatingcrossovers, forward power hockey turns, lateral pivots, fast stops and starts, fast backward skating with quick backward v-stops. Players should also sign up for IBPL to gain practical experience in a fun, game-based setting.


Goalie Bears

Introduction toequipment and fundamentals of playing goalie in a hockey game. Players should also sign up for IBPL to gain practical experience in a fun, game-based setting.


Youth Hockey Program Offerings

The Hockey Academy is introducing new levels with skill work designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey skating and progressively advance to more difficult skills with the stick and puck. Youth participants start in the lesson program, progress to the Polar Bear Hockey League, and then advance to the Ice Bears Travel Hockey program.

 Hockey Academy

The Park District of Oak Park Hockey Academy is a learn-to-skate/learn-to-play program focusing on developing the basics of both skating and hockey specific skills. Classes are divided up by skill and often blended when learning skills. These classes operate in 7 to 10 week sessions depending on the season. Full hockey gear is required for ALL Hockey Academy Classes. We offer a free gear rental program for beginners.

In an effort to provide more game play experience, our new Ice Bears Prep League (IBPL) will be 50 minute time slots with a 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 format depending on age in a cross ice format. This program is encouraged to be done in conjunction with our Hockey Academy classes to build the necessary skills, however if you're just looking to play, you can! The program is divided into 2 age groups: 5-8 and 9-14. Full equipment is required with this program.


For the safety of all skaters on the ice, each level of the Hockey Academy requires full hockey equipment. 

The Park District of Oak Park proudly utilizes USA Hockey's One Goal Program. The One Goal organization provides starter sets of equipment (no stick) for players generally ages 3-10 new to the game or unable to participate due to the high cost of equipment. One Goal Equipment has limited availabilty and is distributed on a first come, first serve basis and all fittings must be done prior to your first day of class. Quantities are very limited through the summer months. For details, please contact Bryce Miller.

For general questions regarding our Hockey Programs, please contact Bryce Miller.

The Park District of Oak Park is a proud affiliate of the Chicago Blackhawks.




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