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See our MINDBODY account for pricing and schedule. 


Take an online fitness class with us:

Virtual Classes:   Zumba      Yoga      Strength Training    Meditation    Active Adults

Grounding Flow Series (1)     Ground Flow Series (2)      Ground Flow Series (3)   HIIT Class

Meditation: Yoga Nidra     Meditation: Breath of Joy Pick Me Up     Meditation: Selfcare & Compassion


Play PDOPopoly

Park District of Oak Park's family fitness version of the popular board game. Download the game board here!



How our adult fitness classes work:

First sign up for a free MINDBODY account. If you have an existing MINDBODY account, you can search for the Park District of Oak Park to find our class schedule. We recommend saving it to your favorites. There is no long-term agreement and you can cancel at any time, no questions asked!barre

**During COVID recovery we are offering adjusted pricing. See MINDBODY for the most up to date pricing and schedule.**


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New! By popular demand- we've added even more Bodypump and Cardio HIIT on Monday and Thursday mornings. Check out these classes to kickstart your day starting at 5:45am and 6:30am at RCRC. Reserve your spot or find out more in the MINDBODY app.

New! Candlelight Yoga on Sunday evenings, 6pm at Dole Center. This class is for those who want a nurtutring, slow-paced and supported yoga practice to close out the week and set your mind and body up for the week ahead.You will be led through carefully controlled movements, stretches and range of motion exercises. Reserve your spot in the MINDBODY app.

Fit Mom Keep an eye out once a quarter for our specialized postpartum exercise class for mothers that want to learn techniques for correcting and improving posture, mobility and muscle activation after having a baby. The course will include considerations for mothers that have experienced caesarean delivery, diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, and other common topics associated with birthing and caring for a small child. This is a great place to get moving with other new moms! Classes are held once a quarter ofr 4 week sessions on Wednesdays 6:30-7:15pm at RCRC. Look in "Special Series" on MINDBODY for the next opportunity to join.



We offer discounted Wellness classes for our Active Adult Members (50+) throughout the week. These classes focus on improving strength, flexibility and endurance. To purchase a Fitness Punch Pass, please visit our customer service locations at: 415 Lake St. or 21 Lake St. All corresponding class days and times are listed on our monthly Fitness schedule. 

Active Adult Pass Prices
Pass Type Resident Price Non-Resident Price AAM Price
10 classes $70 $88 $50
20 classes $126 $146 $95
35 classes $206 $226 $154

We also offer seasonal Tai Chi, QiGong and Posture Alive programs, please Click here and use the keywords "tai chi", "qigong" or "posture" to see what is currently available.

Have requests for Fitness schedule changes or class additions? Please feel free to email Genevieve Garcia with your feedback. 

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