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We now offer Indoor, Outdoor, and Virtual Dance classes for Tots, Youth, and Adults!

Classes are running now with strict adherence to CDC and IDPH guidlelines for safety.


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Creative Movement      Strength and Flexibility for Cirus, Dance, Cheer, and Acro


Check out our *New* Performing Arts options:

Youth Dance Summer Intensive Schedule (register for one or all three):

  • 7/18 Ballet Bootcamp
  • 8/1 Contemporary Jazz
  • 8/15 Tap + Body Percussion





What to Expect in Class


Proper attire is required to ensure safety and cleanliness for all Dance classes:

  • Hair must be secured away from the face.
  • No stiff fabric or jeans.
  • Make sure your footwear is clean before entering our studios, please don't wear your dance shoes outside.


Dance Attire By Class 

For the easiest option, you can buy everything you need for class in our online shop, Nimbly! 






Specific dance attire information is as follows:

Pirouettes with my Partner

Creative Movement

Dance & Tumbling

Leotard or skirted leotard and pink/skin toned tights or solid colored T-shirt and athletic-type shorts or leggings.  Pink/skin toned leather or canvas ballet shoes, or bare feet



Ballet & Tap


Leotard or skirted leotard and pink/skin toned tights or solid colored T-shirt and athletic-type shorts or leggings.  Pink/ skin toned leather or canvas ballet shoes, tan tap shoes


Broadway Studio

Leotard or skirted leotard and pink/skin toned tights or fitted jazz pants, capris or leggings. Bare feet are preferred, ballet shoes or tan jazz shoes allowed

Hip Hop & Tumbling

Hip Hop

T-shirt and athletic-type pants or shorts, fitted jazz pants, capris or leggings, clean sneakers, bare feet may be recommended for tumbling sections of class.


Clothes you can move or stretch in. Ballet shoes for Ballet, clean sneakers for Hip Hop, non-rubber soled shoes for Swing, Ballroom, Latin, and Tango.

 Dance Policies

Download the Dance Policies booklet here.


Consistent attendance is essential to dancer progress in class. We recommend that dancers attend all classes in a session to see improvement. However, if your child is ill, please stay home and recover. If you anticipate an absence from your child’s class, inform your teacher in advance when possible or email Genevieve Garcia at

Bathroom Breaks

Visit the restroom before class begins.  Please limit requests for breaks during class to reduce distractions for the students and staff and to maxmize the time we have in the studio together. 

Classroom Etiquette

Please make sure that your child has had water, a snack, washed hands, and visited the restroom prior to class as to not disturb the rhythm and focus of the class.  

To enter, we will line up at the far door at GRC and at the studio door for Stevenson and RCRC class. To exit, we will use the doors closest to the restrooms.

Parents/guardians may only enter the room when there is an observation day.  If you feel that your dancer may need some transitional help into the dance space, please email Genevieve Garcia and the team will do our best to accommodate your dancer’s needs.  


We strive for excellent customer service with proactive communcation and kindness from your teacher, teaching assistant, Dance Program Supervisor, and Customer Service Staff. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to discuss them with your instructor or contact Program Supervisor Genevieve Garcia,


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