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Aquatic Programs

Are you looking for information about open swim or the pool schedule? Visit the swimming page.

Swim Lesson Hotline Information

For up-to-date information about swim lesson status visit our Field Conditions & Facility Schedules page at



Swim lesson registration is on a first come, first served basis. Summer swim lessons are offered at our outdoor facilities at Ridgeland Common Pool and Rehm Pool. Fall and winter swim lessons are held at Oak Park River Forest High School (OPRF).

Fall and Winter Swim Lesson Information

Spaces are extremely limited. Please sign up for the most appropriate class as moving classes will be very difficult. All classes will be held in the Oak Park River Forest High School East or West Pool, located near the corner of Lake and Scoville. Please use the Athletic Entrance, Door 2, to attend classes.

Summer Swim Lessons

Lessons are offered weekdays in the morning and afternoon as well as Saturday mornings! Morning swim lessons are offered at Rehm Pool and afternoon lessons are offered at Ridgeland Common. Spaces are very limited.

The Jeff Ellis Swimming Program

The Park District of Oak Park has adopted the Jeff Ellis Swimming Program! The Jeff Ellis Swimming (JES) Program is an objective driven program that focuses on individualized skill successes rather than progressive skill development. This program is designed around flexibility and taught at a pace that allows each child to progress at their own pace rather than conforming to the peer group. Each instructor is licensed through JES and trained via the JES partner Praesidium Inc, a specialized company that focuses on prevention of sexual abuse, demonstrating a commitment the Park District of Oak Park has to providing high quality swim lesson services, with each class having no more than a 6:1 student to instructor ratio, and ensuring a safe environment.

Read about the JES Methodolgy.

Choose a JES Level to learn the class pre-requistes and to read a detailed class description.

Parent Tot Aquatics
JES Preschool and Parent
JES Preschool
JES Beginner - Stroke Readiness
JES Advanced Beginner - Stroke Development
JES Intermediate - Stroke Refinement
JES Advanced - Skill Proficiency

Additional Classes

Additional classes are also offered during the summer months for adults and for participants looking for more opportunities in the water. These classes include Adult Swimming and Jr. Lifeguarding.

For questions regarding Aquatic Programs, please email Kayla Fauria.



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