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New Parks Passport Program


In Partnership with Oak Park Elementary School District 97
and the Oak Park Public Library

Program Summary

In an effort to get kids ages five to 13 to stay active and explore their parks and community, the Park District of Oak Park has established a Parks Passport Program. The program will kick off on the first day of summer, and will feature an interactive booklet that includes 10 missions to be completed in 10 different park locations. All of the activities associated with the missions are free, which will help ensure that every child who wants to has a chance to participate. Below are examples of the activities, which revolve around play, history, nature/exploration, fitness, math and arts and crafts. 

·  Visit the new Maple Park playground and play follow the leader with a friend.

·  Visit Scoville Park, find the sculpture of Percy Julian and answer the question “Who is he?”

·  Visit the Oak Park Conservatory and learn about century plants.

Participants will fill in answers and draw pictures in their passport booklets to show the completion of each mission. When they turn in their completed booklet to a Park District customer service location (deadline is Tuesday, August 22), they will get to select a prize from a variety of fun games and toys. They will also receive $5 in Red Mango Bucks that they can use to buy themselves a summer sweet treat. In addition, the school with the highest participation in the program will win a water-activated art design that will be installed on their playground. You can access additional information about water-activated art works by clicking here.


In an effort to help spread the word about the program, District 97 and the Oak Park Public Library will be partnering with the Park District to distribute the booklet. District 97 will be giving all of its students a copy of the booklet prior to the end of the school year, while the library will make the booklets available at its three branches (Main, Dole and Maze). The district and library will also be using their various communication resources (e.g., email, website, social media, etc.) to promote the program. In addition to these efforts, the Park District will have copies of the booklet available at all of its facilities.



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