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Incident at Fox Center

On Monday, May 7, around 5:30pm, smoke was detected exiting the roof of Fox Center. The smoke was a result of smolder insulation. At this time, the Park District expects the smolder was a result of some work performed earlier in the day in the attic of the building. At the time of the incident there were eight children, along with Park District staff, who were safely evacuated from the building. The Park District is grateful there were no injuries during this incident and only minor building damage.

As a result of this incident, Fox Center, including the restrooms, will be closed until Wednesday, May 16. The Clubhouse program is being relocated to the Oak Park Conservatory. The park and playground are still open to the public and a port-a-potty has been installed during this time.We apologize for any inconvenience, but are pleased that everyone is safe and our building will be back serving Oak Park residents soon.


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