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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Clubhouse CIT Leadership Training

04:00 PM - 06:30 PM

CIT Leadership Train

The Clubhouse Counselor-In-Training program is for teens who are ready to take on a leadership role and learn to care for children in a afterschool setting. With staff guidance and encouragement, CIT's will work with youth, lead games and crafts, and assist the students with homework. Besides helping children in your community have an awesome time after school, being a CIT looks great on a resume and may even help you land that paid summer camp or clubhouse counselor position you've been dreaming of. CIT's must complete the Clubhouse CIT Leadership Training first and then they are free to sign up to work month-to-month at whichever Clubhouse site they would like for 2-5 days a week! Schedule CITs are free to work at whichever Clubhouse center they would like and may sign up to work 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week. They will have the responsibility of communicating to their Supervisor which days of the week they will choose to work. While the sessions start at 4 PM to give the CITs enough time to get from school to Clubhouse, they are welcome to arrive at Clubhouse earlier than 4 PM if that works better for their schedule. Fees The CIT program fees include a base fee for the pre-season leadership training and program materials ($80/$120), and a session fee that is equivalent to $5/day for Residents! CITs should register for the leadership training using program code 129030 and then they are free to sign up for the sessions using program codes 129031 (February) or 129032 (March). *Please note that the February session starts the week of 1/30 and the March session starts the week of 2/27. How is the Clubhouse CIT Program different from the Summer Camp CIT Program? The Clubhouse afterschool program differs slightly from the Park District's summer camps. Rather than going on field trips or visiting the pool, Clubhouse CITs will get to experience assisting students with homework and teaching students new things - but don't worry there is plenty of time for games and crafts too! The Clubhouse CIT program is less of a time commitment than it is over the summer and offers flexibility to accommodate a busy academic schedule. We understand that our CITs have a lot on their plate during the school year and we want to be able to give them a taste of the program without overwhelming them!

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