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Community Survey

Do you visit our parks? Are you satisfied with our program offerings? What new initiatives would you like to see the Park District undertake? 
Every five years, the Park District takes the pulse of our community through a random sample community survey. The Park District recently hired aQity Research and Insights, Inc. to conduct the 2019 survey. The purpose of this survey is to measure our residents’ satisfaction with our parks and program offerings, identify unmet parks and recreation needs and establish priorities for the future development of parks and recreation facilities, programs and services within the community. The survey will be action-oriented, allowing for a seamless integration of the survey’s recommendations into ongoing planning, decision-making and operations.  
A mail questionnaire to a random sample of Oak Park households will be sent in mid-April requesting their feedback via a pre-paid reply envelope addressed to aQuity Research. The mail questionnaire will also inform recipients how they can complete the survey online or by phone as alternatives. Other households may receive a postcard invitation to complete the survey online. 
If your household is one of the households selected to receive a community needs survey, please complete it and return it promptly. The survey will also be available online at for residents who are not randomly chosen and would like to help us set a course for the future.
Your opinion matters. Help us serve you better.

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