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AEDs Installed in Parks


The Park District of Oak Park recently installed cabinets containing AEDs (Automated External Defibrillator) in ten park locations including Lindberg, Taylor, Stevenson, Ridgeland Common, Carroll, Barrie, Longfellow, Fox, Scoville and Maple. Find an AED near you. An AED is a portable electronic device that can automatically diagnose victims of cardiac arrhythmia and cardiac arrest and can apply an electric shock to allow the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm.

The new AED cabinets are secured to the exterior wall of comfort stations/buildings and are accessible to park visitors. The units have a wireless connection to 911. To use the AED, the park visitor simply needs to open the cabinet door and 911 will automatically be notified to report the emergency. A photograph will be taken when the door is opened. The AED is a ‘smart machine’ making it easy for anyone to use. The machine will guide the user through the process of analyzing the heart’s rhythm and delivering a shock only if needed. AEDs are proven to double a victim’s survival time, regardless of whether or not they are used by professionals or laypersons.

“The Park District pursued the purchase and installation of the cabinets as a result of a request from a park patron whose son’s life was saved with an AED,” explained Park District Executive Director Jan Arnold. “These same units are also available in all of our Park District facilities as a safety measure for all of our program participants and park visitors. We hope our residents will share this information with family and friends.”

In extreme cold weather conditions (temperatures nearing -20 degrees), AEDs may not work properly and may be removed from their outdoor locations for protection.


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