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jan_arnoldJan R. Arnold, CPRE, Executive Director
Phone: (708) 725-2020
Email Jan Arnold
Appointed by the Board of Park Commissioners, Jan leads the Park District's employees and guides the administration of programs and services. Jan has a BS in Therapeutic Recreation, MS in Sports Administration and a MBA. She is an Oak Park resident.

karen_gruzkaKaren Gruszka, Executive Assistant
Phone: (708) 725-2017
Email Karen Gruszka


cate_readlingCate Readling, Community Outreach
Phone: (708) 725-2039
Email Cate Readling


Human Resources and Risk Management

paula_bickelPaula A. Bickel, SHRM-SCP, Director of Human Resources & Risk Management
Phone: (708) 725-2028
Email Paula Bickel
Paula leads the department responsible for all human resources functions including recruitment, compensation, benefits, employee/labor relations, training/development, HRIS and risk management.

kelsey_tumpaneKelsey Tumpane, Risk Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2111
Email Kelsey Tumpane


Marketing & Customer Service

diane_stankeDiane Stanke, CPRP, Director of Marketing & Customer Service
Phone: (708) 725-2022
Email Diane Stanke
Diane provides leadership for marketing and communications, corporate sponsorship and advertising, and customer relations including registration, park and facility rentals and the scholarship program.

melissa_martinezMelissa Martinez, Marketing & Communications Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2027




Laura Pulido, Digital Marketing Design Specialist
Phone: (708) 725-2116
Email Laura Pulido

Michelle Jerry, Sponsorship & Advertising Coordinator
Phone: (708) 725-2121
Email Michelle Jerry


scott_sekulichScott Sekulich, Customer Service Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2023
Email Scott Sekulich


trina_hartzogTrina Hartzog, Customer Service & Facility Scheduling Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2303
Email Trina Hartzog


Buildings & Grounds

chris_lindgrenChris Lindgren, Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds, ADA Coordinator
Phone: (708) 725-2050
Email Chris Lindgren
Chris has been with the Park District since 2013 and has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. Major responsibilities are the maintenance and upkeep of all 18 parks, 8 community centers and 3 historic properties, capital project management, and acting ADA Coordinator. His team is also responsible for maintaining the athletic fields at D97 school sites.

travis_stephensTravis Stephen, Turf Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2054
Email Travis Stephen


john_borlandJohn Borland, Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2052
Email John Borland


nelson_acevedoNelson Acevedo, Buildings Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2053


annie_banuetAnnie Banuet, Facility Scheduling & Parks Ambassador Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2119
Email Annie Banuet


Business Operations

kyle_crattyKyle Cratty, Director of Finance
Phone: (708) 725-2015
Email Kyle Cratty
Kyle oversees the Business Operations Department, which consists of Finance, Technology, and Strategy and Innovation.  For the past ten years, Kyle has worked in government finance.  Kyle has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Northern Illinois University and Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Finance from St. Ambrose University.

greg_stopkaGreg Stopka, Manager of Strategy & Innovation
Phone: (708) 725-2103
Email Greg Stopka


michael_eldenMichael Elden, Information Technology Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2107
Email Michael Elden


illiana_delarosaIlliana De La Rosa, Finance Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2024
Email Illiana De La Rosa


Oak Park Conservatory

patti_staleyPatti Staley, Director of Horticulture & Conservatory Operations
Phone: (708) 725-2451
Email Patti Staley


krista_kupperschmidt Krista Kupperschmidt, Horticulture Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2452
Email Krista Kupperschmidt



Kent Gentry, Greenhouse Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2453
Email Kent Gentry


Historic Homes

susan_craneSusan Crane, Cheney Operations & Special Events Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2500
Email Susan Crane


Revenue Facilities

bill_hamiltonWilliam Hamilton, CPRP, Superintendent of Revenue Facilities
Phone: (708) 725-2304
Email Bill Hamilton
Bill Hamilton has been employed by the Park District of Oak Park since 1985 in a variety of roles and has been in his current position since 2012. As Superintendent, Bill is responsible for overseeing the maintenance, upkeep, programming and special events at the Ridgeland Common Recreation Complex, Rehm Pool, the Gymnastics and Recreation Center and the Ridgeland Common and Maple Dog Parks.

kayla_fauriaKayla Fauria, Program & Operations Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2315
Email Kayla Fauria



Ryan Andersen, Program & Operations Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2309
Email Ryan Andersen

Bryce Miller, Program & Operations Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2314
Email Bryce Miller


Bill Moreth,  Maintenance & Operations Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2318
Email Bill Moreth




jamie_lapkeJamie Lapke, Program & Operations Manager, GRC
Phone: (708) 725-2276
Email Jamie Lapke


keith_kerriganKeith Kerrigan, CPRP, Program & Operations Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2277

tanya_ChmielewskiTanya Chmielewski, Principal Coach & Program Specialist
Phone: (708) 725-2277
Email Tanya Chmielewski


daria_dischDaria Disch, Principal Coach & Program Specialist
Phone: (708) 725-2277
Email Daria Disch


sarah_sekkiSarah Sekki, Principal Coach & Program Specialist
Phone: (708) 725-2277
Email Sarah Sekki



DeMarco Edwards, Principal Coach & Program Specialist
Phone: (708) 725-2277
Email DeMarco Edwards


maureen_mccarthyMaureen McCarthy, CPRP, Superintendent of Recreation
Maureen leads the recreation team responsible for providing programs in Early childhood, Youth Development, Nature & Adventure, Active Adults, Fitness, Youth and Adult Sports, Special Events and operations at Cheney Mansion.
Phone: (708) 725-2021
Email Maureen McCarthy

chad_drufkeChad Drufke, CPRP, Program Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2109
Email Chad Drufke



Genevieve Garcia, Program Supervisor - Fitness, Dance & Circus
Phone: (708) 725-2155
Email Genevieve Garcia


dan_schafferDan Schaffer, Program Supervisor - Sports
Phone: (708) 725-2104
Email Dan Schaffer



Mike Loszach, Program Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2110
Email Mike Loszach


megan_ulczakMegan Ulczak, Program Supervisor - Arts & Active Adults
Phone:  (708) 725-2106
Email Megan Ulczak


leah_pryorLeah Pryor, Program Supervisor-Nature & Adventure
Phone: (708) 725-2038
Email Leah Pryor


barb_groomsBarb Grooms, Program Supervisor - Early Childhood
Phone: (708) 725-2108
Email Barb Grooms


joe_lillyJoe Lilly, Program Supervisor - Clubhouse and Teens
Phone:  (708) 725-2102
Email Joe Lilly



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