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Ridgeland Common Renovation


Ridgeland Common Renovation Project


Major renovation of Ridgeland Common, the Park District’s flagship facility, began in March 2013. The new Ridgeland Common Recreation Complex (RCRC) includes complete building reconstruction with expansion of the ice rink to official size (85’x200’) for year round use; synthetic turf sports field with new lighting and fencing for soccer, baseball, softball and more; separate entrances to the ice arena and pool with convenient stroller parking at the pool entry leading directly to the pool deck; new children’s wading pool with several water features; built-in stairs and an ADA-accessible aquatic lift for easy pool access for all patrons; 3 activity/meeting rooms including a large activity room equipped with special flooring, ballet bars and mirrors for fitness and dance classes. Although most of the pool mechanicals were replaced, the main pool’s shell is still in good condition and has not been replaced as part of the renovation. Ridgeland Common Recreation Complex is a Gold LEED Certified facility.

Ridgeland Common Recreation Complex synthetic turf sports fields and relocated dog park opened in April 2014.


Project History

In 2007, an Existing Conditions Study determined this 50+ year old facility has outlived it useful life. Over the past six years, the Park District collected public input through community meetings and surveys to help shape the future of this heavily-used facility.

August 2011: At the Regular Park Board Meeting architects from Nagle Hartray Architecture presented two concepts to the Park Board based on community input received. One plan showed a renovated Ridgeland Common while the other proposed a new facility.

October 2011: Cost estimates for these plans were presented to the Park Board.  The renovation plan estimated cost was $23.5 million while the new construction was estimated at $30 million. The Park Board of Commissioners accepted a plan outlining a major renovation of Ridgeland Common.

November 2011: A community information meeting was held regarding the future plans for Ridgeland Common.

February 2012: A community meeting was held to present information on the progress of the Ridgeland Common Renovation Project. Architects from Nagle Hartray presented a project update including a look at what the exterior of the building may look like.

April 2012: Cost estimates were presented to the Park Board by Nagle Hartray Architects which came in within budget for the schematic design of the Ridgeland Common Renovation Project. The Board directed Nagle Hartray Architects to proceed to design development.

August 2012: Nagle Hartray presented the third and final cost estimate for the Ridgeland Common renovation project to the Park Board signaling the completion of the design development stage. The architects reported the water level of the Ridgeland Common pool will be raised six inches to be in compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Law. Plans called for the ice arena floor to be lowered 36" below grade. Due to utilities found under the floor, it will only be lowered 22".

The cost estimates presented were within the $23.6 million budget allotted for this project. The Park Board gave approval to move forward with the development of construction documents, the pre-qualification of contractors and the eventual bidding process. The project is currently on schedule for construction to begin in March.


The Park District’s top priority at Ridgeland Common is to meet the needs of our community by providing quality park and recreation facilities. To do so affordably and efficiently and to ensure that this project will not raise taxes, the Park District worked with a professional team from Speer Financial, Inc., a public financial consultant, to issue bonds in the amount of $30 million.In addition to providing the financial resources for the renovation of Ridgeland Common, the bonds also fund the expansion of the Park District’s gymnastics center and buildings and grounds operations. It is important to note that the sale of bonds is a financial tool.

For more details, please e-mail Bill Hamilton, Superintendent of Revenue Facilities, or call (708) 725-2300.

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