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PACT Program

PACT Facility Use & Allocation Management Program


The application for participation in the PACT program during the 2018 calendar year will open September 2017.

The Park District of Oak Park is committed to enriching the lives of its residents by providing meaningful experiences through programs, parks and facilities in the community. As our mission indicates, we always look forward to the possibility of working with others to reach our common goals and serve the community. Throughout its history, the Park District has actively worked to meet both the passive and active recreational needs of its residents, either directly or through partnerships.

Unfortunately the demand for these recreational opportunities has grown at a more rapid pace than the Park District’s ability to provide quality parks and facilities to house these programs. Additional park land, practice and game fields, courts, and other places in which to engage in recreation are clearly needed. But given that this is a challenge that cannot be easily or quickly resolved, it became apparent that an efficient, fair, and transparent system for managing the current limited resources was needed.

To address this, the Park District of Oak Park created a Facility Use and Allocation Management Program entitled PACT. This acronym refers to the four organizational levels within the program: Partner, Associate, Companion, and Tenant. The PACT program is intended to establish a fair, equitable, and cost-effective system in which to manage and administer the reservation, allocation, and use of Park District facilities by any user groups and organizations requesting access. It makes Park District of Oak Park facilities available for use by organizations and individuals through a standardized and impartial process and establishes a formal system of space allocation and fee assessment for users, ensuring that the allocation and fee schedule serves the best interests of the tax payers of Oak Park.

Participation in the PACT program is open to any organization provided that they follow and adhere to the process and meet the criteria outlined in the program guidelines. In order to participate in the PACT program, an organization must first complete and submit the online PACT. Program Application along with any required documentation for review and processing no later than October 1 of each year.

PACT Program Guide
PACT Program Application

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