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Memorial Bench


  • NOTE: The Memorial Tree and Bench Program is currently on hold due to facility closures and the current pandemic. Check back for future updates to this offering.

Memorial Bench Application

I would like to designate an existing bench as a memorial dedicated to:

The fee is $2000. This fee covers the cost of the bench, a standard 6” by 4” bronze plaque mounted in concrete and set near the base of the bench, and if necessary, replacement of the bench and or plaque.Benches are available for immediate designation in all parks

I would like the bench to be in the following park:

I would like the wording on the plaque to read as follows:
NOTE: The wording on the plaque is limited to three lines with a maximum of 15 characters per line. Separating blanks and punctuation marks count as characters. All letters must be in capitals, but may be of different sizes. If needed, there is space for two additional lines on the plaque. If these additional lines are needed, there will be an additional charge of $10 for each extra line.
Contact Info:
Upon return of this form, you will be contacted by a Park District representative who will help you select a bench. Once a bench is selected, you will receive a form for the verification of the wording on the plaque. The payment of the fee is due with your return of the verification form. After payment is received, your plaque will be ordered and installed. You will be contacted upon installation.

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