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The Park District of Oak Park is happy to announce that Green Mountain Energy Sun Club is partnering with the Park District to provide $100,000 for an innovative sustainability project that includes solar panels, rain harvesting, tea composting and observable working honeybee hives at the Oak Park Conservatory. To secure these funds, we need your help by making a Pledge and identifying actions you and your family will take to help make our community more sustainable and contribute to the overall health of Mother Earth. Sun Club will provide $100 towards these sustainability projects for every pledge received. Learn about all the ways you can contribute to our community.
Take the pledge.


  • Apply for VOP Rain Ready Program - See more info about Rain Ready Oak Park
  • Purchase Electric Vehicles- Purchase an electric vehicle to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Sign up for Community Solar Program- Enroll in a community solar program to help reduce carbon footprint. See info about Oak Park's Community Choice Aggregation Program.
  • Purchase Renewable Energy - Green Mountain Energy is one of several renewable electricity providers servicing Oak Park.

  • Install a fruit and/or vegetable garden- Convert all or a portion of your lawn into a garden area for fruits or vegetables.  This can be accomplished by raised beds built on your lawn or even directly on top of your grassy area.
  • Implement 2 Water-Saving Devices in your Home or Business- Install a new low-flow showerhead, faucet or toilet.
  • Implement 1 Energy Upgrade in your Home or Business- This upgrade could be an energy star rated appliance, attic insulation, weatherizing your doors & windows, building envelope upgrades, etc.
  • Replace 10 Light Bulbs with LED Lights- Replace at least 10 of your home incandescent bulbs with LED blubs.
  • Reduce, Re-use & Recycle More- Commit to a more concerted effort to increase recycling, look for opportunities to reuse containers and or repurpose items into craft projects, etc.
  • Eliminate Use of Disposable Plastic Water Bottles & Bags- Bring your own bags to the store and use a re-usable water bottle to help reduce waste. 


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