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Sustainability Pledge


The Park District of Oak Park is happy to announce that Green Mountain Energy Sun Club is partnering with the Park District to provide $100,000 for an innovative sustainability project that includes solar panels, rain harvesting, tea composting and observable working honeybee hives at the Oak Park Conservatory. To secure these funds, we need your help by making a Pledge and identifying actions you and your family will take to help make our community more sustainable and contribute to the overall health of Mother Earth. Sun Club will provide $100 towards these sustainability projects for every pledge received. Each family member may complete a pledge up to a maximum of four (4) pledges per household and one (1) pledge per business.

By pledging, you are helping the Park District of Oak Park fund community sustainability efforts while supporting the Oak Park Conservatory.

Sustainable Action Pledge:

I am a Planet Saver and a Friend of the Park District of Oak Park.

Contact Info:
I pledge to complete the following green activities for my home:

Choose one or more of the following actions you pledge to take to help make a positive environmental impact. Learn more about ways to take action.

By pledging you are helping the Park District of Oak Park fund green sustainability efforts and supporting the Oak Park Conservatory

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