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Class feature: Yoga

Why do yoga?

There is a wide range of benefits from practicing yoga. In general, yoga increases overallevents_winedownyoga muscular strength and promotes flexibility as well as balance. Aside from the main physical benefits, the repetitive breathing in yoga helps decrease the heart rate and blood pressure, allowing the practitioner to feel calm and relaxed. It is for this reason that yoga is helpful for reducing stress and anxiety.

Why work with a certified instructor as opposed to beginning on your own?

Yoga can be intimidating at first; there is a whole new set of vocabulary to learn and you are asking your body to go into postures it has never experienced before. A yoga instructor leads you into each pose, telling you and showing you where to put your hands, your feet, etc. Also, you can’t usually see yourself doing yoga. The instructor is able to adjust your positioning to get you in the right posture. They can also offer modifications when needed so you don’t feel you are reaching beyond your ability and/or risking injury. For the intermediate or advanced student, a yoga instructor can show you how to take each pose to the next level.

We offer Yoga classes Monday-Saturday, at various times throughout the day. We recommend starting off with 1-2 Yoga classes each week to compliment your strength and cardio program.


We also offer Winedown Yoga the 2nd Thursday of each month, 7-8:30pm at Cheney Mansion. Join us for an hour long Yoga class, capped off with a 30 minute wine social. What better way to unwind from the week and prepare for the upcoming weekend? Schedule it as date night or girl's night out! You can register ahead of time or pay cash at the door. Must be ages 21+ to join us. 

For more information on our weekly Fitness class offerings, visit Our online scheduler. You can sign up for a single class, ten classes or even unlimited monthly access with just a few clicks of your mouse - or use the MINDBODY Connect app on your mobile device!



We offer discounted Wellness classes for our Active Adult Members (50+) throughout the week at Dole Center: 255 Augusta St. These classes focus on improving strength, flexibility and endurance. To purchase a Fitness Punch Pass, please visit our customer service locations at: 415 Lake St. or 21 Lake St. All corresponding class days and times are listed on our monthly Fitness schedule. 

We also offer seasonal Tai Chi, Therapeutic Tai Chi, QiGong programs and Posture Alive programs for Active Adult members (50+), please Click here and use the keywords "tai chi", "qigong" or "posture". 

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