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Park District of Oak Park Staff

050715_PDOPHeadshots-9150-Edit-EditJan R. Arnold, CPRP, Executive Director
Phone: (708) 725-2020
Email Jan Arnold

Jamaal Hines, Recreation Fellowship Intern
Phone: (708) 725-2102
Email Jamaal Hines

050715_PDOPHeadshots-9271-EditKaren Gruszka, Executive Assistant
Phone: (708) 725-2017
Email Karen Gruszka


Cate Readling, Community Outreach
Phone: (708) 725-2039
Email Cate Readling

Human Resources and Risk Management

050715_PDOPHeadshots-9171-EditPaula A. Bickel, SHRM-SCP, Director of Human Resources & Risk Management
Phone: (708) 725-2028
Email Paula Bickel

Open Position, Risk Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2111

Marketing & Customer Service
050715_PDOPHeadshots-9255-EditDiane Stanke, CPRP, Director of Marketing & Customer Service
Phone: (708) 725-2022
Email Diane Stanke

Melissa Martinez, Marketing & Communications Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2027

Kristi Braun, Sponsorship Coordinator
Phone: (708) 725-2039
Email Kristi Braun

Scott Sekulich, Customer Service Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2023
Email Scott Sekulich

Trina Hartzog, Customer Service & Facility Scheduling Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2303
Email Trina Hartzog

Cynthia Newell, Customer Service Representative
Phone: (708) 725-2000
Email Cynthia Newell

Buildings & Grounds
Chris Lindgren, Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds
ADA Coordinator
Phone: (708) 725-2050
Email Chris Lindgren

Travis Stephen, Turf Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2054
Email Travis Stephen

John Borland, Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2052
Email John Borland

Nelson Acevedo, Buildings Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2053

Business Operations
050715_PDOPHeadshots-9200-EditKyle Cratty, Director of Finance
Phone: (708) 725-2015
Email Kyle Cratty

Greg Stopka, Manager of Strategy & Innovation
Phone: (708) 725-2103
Email Greg Stopka

Michael Elden, Information Technology Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2107
Email Michael Elden

Illiana De La Rosa, Finance Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2024
Email Illiana De La Rosa

Oak Park Conservatory
Patti Staley, Director of Horticulture & Conservatory Operations
Phone: (708) 725-2451
Email Patti Staley

Krista Kupperschmidt
Phone: (708) 725-2452
Email Krista Kupperschmidt

Historic Homes

Susan Crane, Cheney Operations & Special Events Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2500
Email Susan Crane

Heidi Ruehle-May, Pleasant Home Executive Director
Phone: (708) 383-2654
Email Heidi Ruehle-May

Revenue Facilities
050715_PDOPHeadshots-9237-EditWilliam Hamilton, CPRP, Superintendent of Revenue Facilities
Phone: (708) 725-2304
Email Bill Hamilton

Kayla Fauria, Program & Operations Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2315
Email Kayla Fauria

Andrew Gerow, Program Supervisor - Aquatics & Rink
Phone: (708) 725-2309
Email Andrew Gerow

Mick Rakitan, Facilty Operations Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2314
Email Mick Rakitan

Jamie Lapke, Program & Operations Manager, GRC
Phone: (708) 725-2276
Email Jamie Lapke

Keith Kerrigan, CPRP, Program & Operations Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2277

Tanya Chmielewski, Principal Coach & Program Specialist
Phone: (708) 725-2277
Email Tanya Chmielewski

Darion Knight, Principal Coach & Program Specialist
Phone: (708) 725-2277
Email Darion Knight

Daria Disch, Principal Coach & Program Specialist
Phone: (708) 725-2277
Email Daria Disch

Sarah Sekki, Principal Coach & Program Specialist
Phone: (708) 725-2277
Email Sarah Sekki



050715_PDOPHeadshots-9187-EditMaureen McCarthy, CPRP, Superintendent of Recreation
Phone: (708) 725-2021
Email Maureen McCarthy

Chad Drufke, CPRP, Program Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2109
Email Chad Drufke

Laura Greeley, Program Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2155
Email Laura.Greeley

Dan Schaffer, Program Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2104
Email Dan Schaffer

Amanda Heiman, CPRP, Program Manager
Phone:  (708) 725-2106
Email Amanda Heiman

Leah Pryor, Program Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2038

Mike Loszach, Program Manager
Phone: (708) 725-2110
Email Mike Loszach

Barb Grooms, Program Supervisor
Phone: (708) 725-2108
Email Barb Grooms

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