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Performance: Meeting our Mission

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Meeting Our Mission

The Park District's mission is "In partnership with the community, we enrich lives by providing meaningful experiences through programs, parks, and facilities."  The measures below reflect our mission, measuring both the number of people served through the Park District's programs, parks, and facilities, as well as customers' satisfaction with their experiences.

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Program Registration

Program Registrations include the total number of program and event registrations sold through the Park District's RecTrac software, after any cancellations have been processed. This does not include participation in drop-in programs not requiring registration, such as special events. Additionally, registration for adult sports leagues counts as one registration per team.  Program registrations are placed with the year that the program takes place, not when the registration transaction occurred, which is why some registrations may appear in the upcoming year.

2018 Update
The number of people served through program sales and registrations reflects our mission and drives our ability to meet our goal of increasing the percentage of non-tax revenue to a ratio of 50/50 by 2020.  Registrations continue to grow, driven by increased offerings at the rink, youth sports, and community programs. These changes came from better listening to residents and identify unmet needs. The result has been steady growth in registration and increased revenue.


Pass Sales

Pass Sales include the total number of passes and punch cards sold in the current year through the Park District's RecTrac software. This measure does not include replacement passes sold for lost ID cards.

2018 Update
Pass sales continue to grow. The growth can be attributed to new features in the pool, target marketing and expanding swim pass options. The result has been steady growth in pass sales and increased revenue.

Satisfaction with Parks & Programs

Satisfaction with Parks & Programs includes the average scores, on a scale of 0-10, given by respondents to the Park District's Park & Facility Evaluation and the Park District's Program & Event Satisfaction.


2018 Update
The Park District strives to have satisfied customers and patrons in their parks. Parks and Facilities satisfaction scores are both up.  For programs, results have been driven by expanding offerings and analyzing the survey data while facilities scores have seen an increase in sample size from staff now surveying in the park. The results have been happier program and park participants.

Refunds and their Financial Impact

Refunds include the number and dollar amount of refunds issued because of reasons that the Park District strives to minimize.


2018 Update
The Park District focuses on decreasing refunds for avoidable reasons and applying any potential refunds to existing household accounts to have happy customers and encourage retention.   As a sign of good service, the Park District always strives to help a customer find a suitable alternative when a cancellation is made for any reason and works to keep the "Transferred" percentage as high as possible.  However, if an alternative can't be found, the percentage of customers who decide to keep their refund on their household account is another good indicator of our customers' satisfaction with the Park District and intentions to use Park District services in the future.
Although avoidable refunds have increased in the last few years, staff feel that one of the reasons could be program registration and pass sale growth have led to an increase in the amount of refund requests we receive. We have also seen a slight increase in the amount of residents choosing not to apply their refund to their household account. As a result, staff is investigating departments that have seen success to learn best practices.

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