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Performance: Infrastructure

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Strategic Initiative: Maintaining & Improving our Infrastructure

The Park District has invested over $68 million in improvements of its parks, facilities, and equipment since the passing of the 2005 "Renew Our Parks" referendum.  It is vital that the Park District incorporate preventative and sustainable operational measures in order to maintain these investments  The following charts measure the current quality of the Park District's parks and maintenance as well as how consistently the Park District is following through with planned on-going improvements and upkeep to its parks and facilities.

Park Report Card

The Park System Grade is the average score, on a scale of 0 to 100, from the Park District's Park Report Card tool indicating the quality and maintenance of the park system. This measure does not include Park District buildings (except for public restrooms), pools, or dog parks.

*Data for this chart is updated annually in October from results from the Park District's Park Report Card program.

Park District Park Report Cards:
2017 Park Report Card (pdf)
2016 Park Report Card (pdf)
2015 Park Report Card (pdf)
2014 Park Report Card (pdf)

Tree Inventory

The Tree Inventory includes all trees in the Park District's park system.


*Beginning in March 2015, data for this chart will be updated monthly from data from the Park District's GIS software. To access the full data on tree inventory please click here.

Capital Improvements

This area measures the status of all planned capital improvements for the current year as part of the Park District's Capital Improvement Plan and ADA Transition Plan.

Maintenance Work Orders

Days to Complete a Work Order includes the average days in the current year it takes for the Park District or its contractors to complete a work order once it has been issued.  There are several types of work orders, including the following:

  • Demand - One-time maintenance requests from staff or the public
  • Emergency - One-time emergency maintenance needs
  • Inspection - Regular inspections of Park District parks, facilities, and equipment
  • Mobile - Items requiring maintenance discovered by staff in their normal course of duties that are addressed on the spot
  • Preventative - Regular preventative maintenance efforts to maintain Park District parks, facilities, and equipment
  • Routine - Routine maintenance tasks such as opening, closing, cleaning parks and facilities
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